Love Them All
About Us

About Us

Join us in helping more and more children find life saving treatment and medical care in the Middle East. Love Them All is a humanitarian organization with a mission to give every child access to the highest quality medical care.

We work in the Middle East to help sick children in the most challenging conditions find immediate medical attention. We achieve our goals by working with the local community and by facilitating long and short term projects. Projects include sending doctors abroad for training and sourcing donations of equipment for local government hospitals. We also facilitate transportation to immediate life saving medical care in neighbouring countries for less privileged families. Everything we do is funded through our donors.

Racheal’s Story

Love Them All’s amazing story started in 2016 when Racheal arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan for the first time. With the desire to make a difference she said yes to an opportunity; to help one family facilitate their child’s travel abroad for heart surgery. One child soon became hundreds. Not long after, Love Them All was established, and efforts have expanded into facilitation of local immediate medical care and training for local hospital staff. Racheal is now vice president of Love Them All in the USA and president of Love Them All in Iraqi Kurdistan. She began working there, helping children receive the medical care they need since she first arrived and is now bringing others along with her. Love them all endeavors to expand its vision and dream big, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of healing for every child so that no child suffers because they did not have access to the highest quality medical care. Love Them All’s partnership with the Raparin Teaching Hospital For Children and other medical centers in Iraqi Kurdistan has helped facilitate the transfer of hundreds of children to places where they received the care they need. We have seen the miracle of children in desperate need receive emergency life saving medical care and there is no turning back.