Donations Arrive from Mount Sinai Hospital
Donations Arrive from Mount Sinai Hospital

Donations Arrive from Mount Sinai Hospital

Oxygen delivery systems from Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto, Canada have finally been delivered to the Children’s Heart Hospital in Sulaymaniyah and we have Susan Virgint Campbell to thank. Susan is a Respiratory Therapist with 37 years of experience in Canada. She graduated from a post graduate specialized neonatal training course and became the respiratory therapy supervisor for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. There she was in charge of setting up the initial respiratory therapy component for the NICU. Since being introduced to Love Them All in 2021, Susan has provided invaluable support as a medical professional.

After becoming aware of the need for medical equipment here in the northern region of Iraq she reached out to the Mount Sinai hospital and discovered that they had advanced oxygen delivery systems that they were willing to donate.

Thrilled with the opportunity, Love Them All agreed to accept the offer and Susan began discussions with Mount Sinai. The delivery process would not be without its obstacles and would take a very long time.

To make this possible, Susan and her husband generously offered to purchase and donate brand new breathing circuitry and the required components to make them functional at their proposed new home in the northern region of Iraq. She would then drive everything all the way from Toronto to Abilene Texas where Global Samaritans resources would pack and ship it through the US army to Iraq.

Items were delivered to Texas in April of 2022. After several months of waiting the equipment finally arrived at the US base in the Northern region of Iraq on October 14th 2022.

On arrival, Love Them All transported everything from the base to the heart hospital for children in Sulaymaniyah. The Children’s Heart Hospital is grateful for the donations they received and for everyone who made this possible.

A huge thanks goes out to Susan for her continued heroic efforts and contributions, to Mount Sinai hospital their generous contribution, Global Samaritan Resources for packaging and logistics and the United States army for delivering our precious cargo. Thank you!