Hearts United: A Global Response that Saves Yosef
Hearts United: A Global Response that Saves Yosef

Hearts United: A Global Response that Saves Yosef

Dania with her Mother and Racheal Returning Home from Surgery

A Spark of Hope

The heart of Kurdistan is a land rich in culture and communal bond, where people cherish a profound sense of togetherness. It’s a place where hardships transform into stories of hope and resilience, shared among families and friends. Oftentimes this hope is on full display when one family shares their story with another in the face of desperate challenges.

Many of you may remember Dania’s amazing journey to recovery, supported by Love Them All’s generous community. Only a few months after Dania’s successful surgery, a phone call from Dania’s mother set the stage for a new story to unfold. She called to tell us about Yosef, a newborn with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, whose mother was desperately reaching out for help. With confidence, Dania’s mother reassured Yosef’s mother that we would be there for Yosef just as we were for Dania.

Yosef at Home Before Surgery

The Call to Action

Hearing about Yosef we immediately took action to check his heart with a trusted cardiologist and quickly discovered that he needed lifesaving surgery not available in Kurdistan. After months of walking closely with Yosef and his family, providing him with medication and exploring all options for surgery, we found out from his doctor that Yosef was developing hypertension. His heart was getting worse and if we didn’t get him surgery quickly he would become inoperable. Sadly, the finances were not available to immediately send him abroad. We had to hurry to find a solution before it was too late.

An Unexpected Ally

Courtney, whom Racheal had connected with on social media, became an unexpected but invaluable ally in the fight for little Yosef’s life. Her personal experience with her daughter Annie, who shared Yosef’s conditions, brought not only empathy but also a plan! She was in the midst of establishing a foundation to aid families with sick children just like Yosef. She then committed to fundraise for Yosef’s surgery through the powerful reach of social media. This became a turning point in Yosef’s story bringing a ray of hope.

A Nurse from Germany with Yosef in Hospital

A Global Response

One of Love Them All’s initiatives to bring a surgical team to Kurdistan had been almost a year in the making. This opportunity, which was made possible by a willing surgical team from abroad, faced a critical challenge: the lack of volunteer nurses that would be critical for post surgery care. Time was running out but as we continued to reach out we were shocked to find seventeen nurses from across the world who answered our plea, selflessly committing their time and resources. They brought not only their skills but also a selfless dedication, funding their own travel to assist in the crucial post-surgery period. Yosef was all set for surgery having been qualified by the surgical team and the commitment of funds to cover the mission costs given.

Yosef Recovering after Surgery

A Mission Miracle

As the time was approaching a last-minute cancellation of a vital surgical team member jeopardized the mission. But, in an incredible turn of events, a renowned surgeon from a neighbouring country, who we previously collaborated with for complex cases, stepped in. Rearranging his schedule, he and his team arrived to perform life-saving surgeries, including Yosef’s. Yosef’s surgery, though fraught with challenges including a post-operative infection, was an incredible success.

Every beat of his now healthy heart is a reminder of what we can achieve together. It’s a story of unity, compassion, and the relentless spirit of a community that refused to give up. Yosef is now home with his family, growing and getting stronger each day.

We are grateful for the combined efforts of everyone involved, from the surgeon to the nurses, the hospital staff, and the Annie Louis Foundation. Thank you all for your unwavering support!