Our Mission

To place lifesaving care within reach for infants and young children with congenital heart disease in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Our History

Love Them All’s amazing story started in 2016 when Racheal arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan for the first time. With the desire to make a difference she said yes to an opportunity; to help one family facilitate...
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What We Do

Love Them All exists to promote health in Iraqi Kurdistan with a focus on life-saving interventions for infants and young children with congenital heart disease. Our purpose as recognized by the government of Canada is:...
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Our Friends

We work with organizations from all around the world. Friends listed here include organizations with shared vision to support children born with CHD, especially those from the Kurdish region of Iraq and surrounding regions. We...
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Highlighting stories of hope for children with down syndrome in Northern Iraq, we remember the urgent need for accessible, specialized cardiac care to allow every child the chance to flourish.
To all the doctors, nurses and medical professionals, to all the volunteers and contributors who have given selflessly of their time and resources, we have made this video to say thank you.

Recent Stories

Keeping Hope Alive

Umran’s Battle: From Despair to Hope

Follow this life-saving journey of a newborn named Umran, diagnosed with a critical heart condition. Through the selfless efforts of his family, medical professionals, and Love Them All volunteers, Umran receives a successful surgery and ongoing care, despite numerous challenges and family tragedy. Read More "Umran’s Battle: From Despair to Hope"

Hearts United: A Global Response that Saves Yosef

Yosef's life-saving surgery came about through a global effort led by Love Them All and a network of volunteers. Marked by challenges and international collaboration this successful mission highlights the power of unity and compassion in saving lives. Read More "Hearts United: A Global Response that Saves Yosef"

Music, Love, and Miracles: Elina’s Path to Recovery

I came to Kurdistan in December 2023 to step into the role of Coordinator of Nursing Education but what I did not expect was to become part of a small village caring for a little girl with a very special heart. Read More "Music, Love, and Miracles: Elina’s Path to Recovery"

Strengthening the Bond with Mideast Rescue

We first encountered Mideast Rescue in 2017, when Love Them All was in its early stages of supporting children with CHD. Fast forward to today, and our collaboration with Mideast Rescue has grown to new heights. Read More "Strengthening the Bond with Mideast Rescue"


Saving Lives Together

The Hospital That Changes Everything

This unique hospital will be a bright light for many, as the only one dedicated to cardiac care for children in the region. Read More "The Hospital That Changes Everything"

An Ambulance for Love Them All

One of Love Them All's missions is to support transportation of children to immediate life... Read More "An Ambulance for Love Them All"